3. Oktober 2021

Put And Call Option Agreement Template

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For a power of attorney to be irrevocable, as in this proposal, it must be issued for security reasons and specify the property interests or obligations to be protected. The model is established as collateral on the basis that it is given to guarantee the obligations arising from the option agreement and the buyer`s interest in the shares after the exercise of the option. If different option periods are required, the appropriate data should be included in sections 3.1 and 3.2. Make sure that the option period definition is changed if necessary. The proposal does not take into account the tax and tax implications of the option. The RMC website contains relevant information and should be taken into consideration. The exercise of an appeal option will not in itself entail stamp duty. In the case of the call option, this is in the interest of the buyer, since it allows, for example, the buyer to exercise the option on the last day of the option period, without having to take into account the corresponding notice periods for the delivery accepted in accordance with point 18.2. . .

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