1. Oktober 2021

Pco Car Rental Agreement

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6.C If the renter meets our insurer requirement, we charge driver insurance and rent in advance. HTK Heaven Rental price for Toyota prius starts at £140.00. (only for the car). The renter pays the landlord a rental fee for the use of the rental vehicle as follows: 11.2 The renter commits a breach of the agreement and the terms of the contract. This rental agreement is concluded between [CAR OWNER] („Owner“) and [renter] („tenant“) (together the „parties“) and describes the respective rights and obligations of the parties with regard to the rental of a car. 13.1 The agreement between you as a tenant and us as HTK Heaven company is governed by English law and all disputes are settled by the English courts. The price is not fixed in the offer. The price of the rental offer may increase depending on the driver`s insurance and the old car. The company`s rental price starts at £140.00 (depending on the condition and age of the vehicle) In the event of a dispute about this agreement, this car rental agreement is construed by the laws of the state and any legal action or arbitration must be filed with the [COUNTY] of the state [STATE]. If any part of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable, the remainder of the Agreement shall still be fully operational. It doesn`t matter, we only accept your bank statements or lease. No no.

All Otto maintenance and catering services are included in your rental fee. There are no hidden extras. We will make you understand all the details. The Renter is required to pay the Landlord a deposit of [dollars] („Deposit“) which may be used in the event of loss or damage to the rental vehicle during the term of this Agreement. .

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