24. September 2021

Information Management Agreement

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4. An information manager to whom information is provided in accordance with paragraph 3 may use or disclose that information only for the purposes authorised by the contract. 7. A custodian who is an information manager for another custodian shall not become the custodian of the health-related information provided to it in its capacity as information manager, but nothing in this Division shall prevent the custodian from collecting, using or disclosing the same health-related information in accordance with this Act. This is a really very useful blog and also very informative for me. Thank you for sharing the blog and also for the useful information. Enjoy this article to help us read between the lines to get to the truth. Visit us at 75health For more health data protection tips, click here to access previous editions of Get HIP! U of A/FoMD employees manage identifiable health information for you. 2. A depositary shall enter into a written agreement with an information manager in accordance with the rules governing the provision of individual services or all services described in paragraph 1. Your patients` identifiable health information is stored or managed electronically by the FoMD MedIT or the U of A Information Services and Technology (IST). 5. An information administrator shall (a) comply with this Act and the provisions and (b) the contract with a custodian on the information provided to him under paragraph 3.

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry (FoMD) will implement an Information Management Agreement (IMA) for physicians and dentists who must comply with the Province of Alberta`s Health Information Act (HIA). If you are a member of the FoMD, you must sign an IMA in one of the following three circumstances in which the University of Alberta/FoMD is the information manager for you: as a custodian under the Health Information Act (HIA), physicians are responsible for the retention and control of their patients` health information. Providers of electronic medical records (EMRs) are not custodians. All physicians are reminded to review their information management agreements to ensure that they have signed the agreement as caregivers. (a) Health information is processed, stored, retrieved or disposed of, stay tuned for the next edition of Get HIP! for information on data and information exchange agreements. (6) Despite point (a) of paragraph 5, a depositary remains responsible for compliance with this Act and the provisions relating to the information provided by the depositary to the information manager. (1) An „Information Manager“ means a person or organization that can find more information about custodian banks and companies related to getHIP! February 2019: Am I a deposit bank or an affiliate? It`s confusing! 3. A depositary which has concluded a contract with an information manager may provide the information manager with health information for the purposes authorised by the contract, without the consent of the persons who are the subject of the information. .

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