10. September 2021

Agreement To Protect Intellectual Property

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The Committee shall monitor and review technological and legislative changes affecting intellectual property policy and report to the competent authorities of the faculty and administration when such changes have an impact on existing policies. Some manufacturers use their proprietary information and processes to manufacture your product for you. These manufacturers may be reluctant to transfer invention and copyright rights to you. That is very understandable. They don`t want to make a deal with a startup that could ban them from accepting work from another company in the future. In that case, I think the agreement could be changed so that the manufacturer only allows you to use their technology if you change manufacturers. The agreement would allow you to use any technology the manufacturer has created for you to manufacture your product. Simply put, you would be asking for a free right to use any new technology so that you have the freedom to use any manufacturer in the future. Different areas of intellectual property protect ideas and inventions in different ways. Patents cannot be used as substitutes for any other type of intellectual property.

In the same way, a contract can protect your idea in a way that a patent cannot. The university or university supports the development, production and dissemination of intellectual property by members of its faculty. Ideally, you want to disclose the idea or invention with a patent instruction. However, this does not offer much protection to inventors, as the inventor must sue the person to enforce the NDA. The complaint means time and money that the inventor must spend to get justice. In many cases, inventors will not enforce the contract because litigation is costly and uncertain. Simply put, why would you want to impose a contract if you don`t win guaranteed and you have to spend a lot of money to win? When you start, you will usually not impose the contract. You will most likely continue with another idea. Below is an excerpt from an admissibility clause….

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