15. April 2021

Wind Turbine Supply Agreement

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I. Construction agreements. The various agreements that must be concluded by a project proponent are essential for the development of a wind project: while offshore wind projects face a number of challenges, including the total cost of implementing the project, a number of developers are pursuing major projects. Although the project does not yet have a buy-back contract, permits have been issued for Fisherman`s Energy Atlantic City wind farm off the coast of New Jersey. At the end of the project, 24 MW will be generated from six turbines with a rated capacity of 4 MW. Higher up the Atlantic coast, the much more ambitious Cape Wind Project has not received sufficient funding to continue, but many others are advancing in New York, Massachusetts, Delaware and elsewhere. The development of offshore wind is also being strengthened on the Pacific coast. Offshore developer Trident Winds is monitoring the development of a 650 MW floating wind farm off the coast of San Luis Obispo County, California. The Morro Bay Project will use 100 6.5 MW turbines and will be the first wind farm of its kind in the United States and the first for the renewable energy market in California.

D. Insurance and compensation issues. A project proponent should receive adequate compensation and insurance coverage from the various parties with whom it enters into contracts, including the turbine supplier and the builder`s balance, and require these parties to receive similar protection from their subcontractors and equipment suppliers in favour of the project proponent. Relevant compensation may include general compensation for personal, fatal and material damages resulting from the other`s activities, compensation of the contractor in relation to the subcontractor`s property rights; compensation for taxes (except those payable by the developer) compensation for violation of applicable laws; and compensation for claims against intellectual property infringement. Appropriate insurance policies may include general commercial liability, workers` compensation and employer liability, the automobile, errors and omissions (for construction and engineering services) and the entire risk of the contractor (project ownership insurance). These policies should, where possible, designate the developer and its affiliate as additional policyholders and include appropriate waiver statements. The corresponding political limits will vary depending on the nature of the work being carried out and the scope of the project. A project proponent should consult with an insurance or risk management specialist to ensure that appropriate types and levels of coverage are met.

The turbine supply contract required a credit for the purchase price of the wind turbines minus the reservation payments for the turbines. Project proponents can also perform partial repowering to update existing wind projects with equipment that increases power generation, reduces machinery load, increases network service capacity and improves project reliability. A partial repower project involves the integration of new parts and modernized equipment into the existing project infrastructure. In many cases, a turbine supplier has developed an upgrade kit for existing turbines to improve the capacity and efficiency of existing facilities. These modifications are usually in the form of the installation of new shovels, rotors, drive shafts and control systems when reusing the tower and existing foundations. With the increased capacity of the driven turbines, the developer may also be required to upgrade the existing electrical system and substation. Integrating existing infrastructure with new equipment can face a number of challenges. First, the existing infrastructure, including towers and foundations, must have sufficient structural integrity to support the load profile of the new turbines. If the wind regime is aggressive at the project site, the load on the existing foundations may have reduced the

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