12. April 2021

Spf Agreement

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Since 4 December 2013, the amended SPF agreement (CE-2013-0118b) is therefore the official SPF agreement. This document replaces the 2012 partnership agreement. The partnership agreement sets out the framework agreed by the Ministry of Health, nhs Employers, NHS-Gewerkschaften, NHS England, NHS Improvement and Health Education England, which outlines the objectives of the Social Partnership Forum (SPF), the common values and principles of partners for effective joint work. Here is the latest version of the SPF agreement. According to the SPF statement, „low-level“ disciplinary and appeal cases should be maintained, while more serious cases should be reviewed with local union representatives „in order to manage each delay fairly and continuously.“ „Pragmatic results, without formal processes, with the employee`s agreement and after consultation with local union representatives, should always be taken into account first,“ the statement said. Please note: This is an older version of the SPF agreement; it is kept here as a reference and should no longer be used. The updated partnership agreement sets out the framework within which partners commit to working together to address health priorities and challenges. An updated partnership agreement was published in July 2016, reflecting the health system established as a result of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. This agreement officially brought NHS England, Health Education England and NHS Improvement to the SPF with its historical partners – the Ministry of Health, NHS employers and NHS unions. The agreement defines the common values, objectives and principles of partners for the implementation of an effective personnel policy. The agreement was signed by Ben Gummer, then Prime Minister of the SPF, Simon Stevens, Ian Cumming, Jim Mackey, Charlie Massey, Danny Mortimer, NHS Employers SPF, and Christina McAnea (UNISON), then President of the NHS Staff Side (UNISON), with a foreword from the Minister of Health. Continue to participate in the NHS Workforce Productivity Program and strive to provide the necessary information and assistance to employees whose employment is affected by the program. The SPF will support activities to integrate effective disciplinary procedures and procedures throughout the NHS.

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