7. April 2021

Abo Agreement

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Global Ratings believes that a recent agreement between the Beijing City government and Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co. Ltd. (BII) could become the model that many Chinese governments could follow with strong motivation to reduce debt. For bii, the agreement is expected to have a neutral effect on the company`s credit ratings (A/Stable/-;cnAAA/–). (a) The seller`s offer may be accepted by the buyer for 30 days from the date of issuance, unless otherwise stated. b) Any order placed by the buyer against the seller`s offer is a contract only after it has been accepted in writing by the seller (hereafter the „confirmation of order“). With the order on the basis of an offer, the buyer accepts these conditions. c) All data provided for product delivery is only processed as a forecast state and does not justify the Seller`s liability in the event of non-delivery or completion of the products within that time. (d) These conditions are considered to be an integral part of the contract and constitute, with the contract, the entire contract between the seller and the buyer. Other documents, correspondences or statements do not end in the contract unless expressly referred to in the contract.

All drawings, fact sheets, performance specifications or other figures included in the seller`s offer are only indicative. e) The seller may deviate from the drawings, cards, specifications or other figures provided in the Seller`s offer if the result guarantees the same or better functionality of the products affected by this exemption. (f) If these conditions are affected and the buyer`s conditions, these conditions are a priority. The ABO agreement will not change our view that BII plays a decisive role and is an integral part of the Beijing city government. BiI, which is 100% owned by the government, operates Beijing`s largest metro system and plans to expand its rail network of more than 554 km by 2015 to 900 kilometers (km) by 2020. The company is also an important participant in the implementation of the national integration policy of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei through the networking of rail transport. We believe that the most important change for BII under the agreement is that BII receives considerable service charges for the financing, construction and operation of rail projects approved by the Beijing City Government. Service charges must take into account the government`s railway construction project funds and be significantly higher. Between 2011 and 2015, the fund amounted to $15.5 billion ($2.325 billion) per year in Chinese renminbi (RMB). However, no information was provided on how service charges are calculated. But Elizabeth refused the deal. Russian troops conquered Helsingfors and the island (now Turku, then the capital of Finland) and occupied much of Finland.

Hostilities ended in 1742; Russia, which took advantage of the succession crisis in Sweden, has proposed to return most of Finland if Sweden accepts the Russian-backed candidate – Adolf Friedrich von Holstein-Gottorp-Eoutine – as heir. As far as the agreement is concerned, all new liabilities of newly indebted BI will no longer be considered communal debts and will be repaid directly by the company. With regard to the outstanding debt classified as municipal debt (more than 90% of BII`s gross debt, or about RMB200 billion at the end of 2014), the government will repay most of this debt by the State as part of its debt swap program and other financial aid. a) Seller – ventile abo s.r.o., id. 49609050, established in Dalimilova 285/54, Chomoutov, 783 35 Olomouc, Czech Republic, registered in the landgericht Ostrava trade register under file no. C 10719, from its subsidiaries, branches and divisions.

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